Vale Peter McNamara

Peter McNamara, editor and publisher of Aphelion Publications, died yesterday. I first had dealings with Peter in the first part of 1990, when he provided assistance with getting Eidolon on its feet. In the intervening 14 years, I think we were in the same place maybe three or four times, but we talked on the phone every few weeks, off and on, throughout that time, and even co-published a book in 1999. What was he like? Kind, generous, big hearted, full of life and full of humour. I realised this morning when I heard the sad, but not unexpected, news (he’d been sick for some time), that his achievements in speculative fiction (impressive though they are) and his contribution to Australian SF in particular, are actually in some ways the least of his achievements. His real achievements were his family (Mariann and Pat) and his enormous circle of friends. We should all be so well loved. Vale.

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