Young adult publishing…
…just wants to make things difficult for the few of us who are reading for ‘year’s best’ annuals and who may or may not have to do annual short fiction round-ups. They do this by publishing short story collections that include a lot of previously unpublished stories (and in some cases only unpulished stories). They then complicate things by not including bibliographic information, so that it’s hard to be sure whether the stories are new or not. sigh. This year, so far, I’ve seen Brian Jacques’ The Ribbajack and Margo Lanagan’s stunningly good Black Juice, and yesterday brought a copy of Meredith Ann Pierce’s Waters Luminous and Deep: Shorter Fictions, courtesy of the ever wonderful Sharyn, and it looks pretty fine. Wonderful cover and four original stories. As to why this happens: I assume it’s because there just aren’t that many outlets for young adult short fiction. One thing I am going to be very interested to see is Jane Yolen and Patrick Nielsen Hayden‘s ‘Year’s Best Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy’. Both have terrific taste, and Yolen particularly has so much knowledge of the YA field that she’s sure to source some interesting stuff that everyone else will overlook.

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