Apparently Interzone #193, the final David Pringle edited issue of the long-running British SF semiprozine, has hit the streets. I haven’t seen it yet, but I’ll always have a fond regard for Pringle’s magazine. Why? Well, when I started out doing Eidolon IZ was easily one of the best magazines in the field. The way Pringle & Co blended high quality fiction and non fiction to create a magazine that was both worth reading and clearly had its own personality was an inspiration, and we copied it shamelessly. There had to be fiction and essays and reviews and columns and such. Anything else would be too dull for words. I’m hopeful that Andy and the Third Alternative Crew will do a great job with the magazine in the future (it has become a bit tired), but I’ll also miss the original magazine.

And speaking of magazines, I just received a copy of Peter Crowther’s fine new publication, PostScripts, which has some terrific fiction by Gene Wolfe, Jay Lake and others, and looks to be a really worthy addition to the semiprozine scene. If I have any criticism, and it’s a very mild one, it is that I’d like to have seen more of the kind of editorial personality that I loved in the early IZ in PostScripts. There’s no editorial, no statement of direction and so on. Now, none of those things are necessary, but it seems to me starting a new magazine is a big thing and it would have been nice to hear what the PostScripts team feel about what they’re doing. Regardless, you should subscribe right now. It’s the kind of project that deserves support.

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