One good book at a time

I’ve spent a lot of time – too much time – looking at books from small presses and the books that they produce. One that looks definitely to be on the improve, and expanding, is Jacob Weisman’s Tachyon. They’ve been around for a long time, but just in this last year have improved their production and design, increased their publication schedules, and produced some very interesting books by Leslie What, James Morrow, Eileen Gunn and others.

Their list of upcoming titles is impressive, and includes:

Her Smoke Rose Up Forever, James Tiptree, Jr. (collection, 12/04)
I Live with You (and You Don’t Know It), Carol Emshwiller (collection, 04/05)
Strange Itineraries: The Collected Stories, Tim Powers (collection, 07/05)
Greetings, Terry Bisson (collection, 07/05)
Cultural Breaks, Brian Aldiss (collection, 08/05)

The best thing you can say about a small press (and the worst thing about mainstream publishing, is that the small press publisher is producing books they shouldn’t be able to produce because they’re coming out from majors. That’s true of this crop. The Tiptree is a staggeringly brilliant book, the Emshwiller, Powers and Bisson should be coming out from majors, and if the Aldiss actually is a career retrospective for his 80th birthday (as the description on the Tachyon site suggests), then it’s a major book that should be getting series coverage. Kudos to Jacob and the gang.

Gryphon in flight

This isn’t quite a naked advertisement, but… I’ve long been a fan of the work published Gary Turner and his industrious colleague Marty Halpern at Golden Gryphon. I thought the early books brought out by Jim Turner for the company were wonderful, and that the best of the books they’ve produced since are some of the best in the field. I was interested, therefore, to get one of Marty’s regular email updates outlining their publishing schedule through 2007. Just as some of their books appeal to me more than others, the same will no doubt be true for you, but they’re sure to be amongst the best books out there. So, check ’em out.

38. Wild Galaxy, William F. Nolan (collection, April)
39. Live! From Planet Earth, George Alec Effinger (collection, May)
40. Attack of the Jazz Giants and Other Stories, Gregory Frost (collection, June)
41. From the Files of the Time Rangers, Richard Bowes (fix-up, Fall)
42. The Fiction Factory, Jack Dann (collection, Fall)
43. The Cuckoo’s Boys, Robert Reed (collection, Fall)

44. The Empire of Ice Cream, Jeffrey Ford (Collection)
45. Black Pockets and Other Dark Thoughts, George Zebrowski (Collection)
46. Sleeping Policemen, Dale Bailey & Jack Slay Jr. (covel)
47. Harvest of Changelings, Warren Rochelle (novel)
48. A Very Little Madness, M. Rickert (collection)
49. The Jennifer Morgue, Charles Stross, (novel)
50. The Golden Gryphon, Marty Halpern & Gary Turner eds. (anthology)

51. Threshold Shift, Eric Brown, (collection)
52. California Somewhere, Lucius Shepard, (novel)