in melbourne

i’m off to melbourne tomorrow. fly out of perth at 3.05pm and don’t get back till monday at 8.15am. i won’t be checking email or whatever during that time, so if you don’t hear from me, i’ll be having a good time and will get back to you on monday morning.

if you’re going to be in melbourne too, then i hope to see you at continuum. i’m on two events:

saturday 16 july

10.00 am Small Press Publishing
Small Press Publishing is a field of increasing importance within Australian genre writing. Are there too many small presses or is the market just beginning to open up? A look at the Australian market and what it takes to become part of it.
Cat Sparks, Sarah Endacott, Jonathan Strahan, Mitch

7.00pm Harper Collins Voyager 10th Birthday Extravaganza
HarperCollinsVoyager presents an evening of entertainment in celebration of their 10th Birthday.

come along if you can. otherwise, feel free to look me up. there are a lot of people going to be there, and a lot of people i really am eager to catch up with.

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