Melbourne II

Melbourne was wonderful fun. I missed seeing some friends, but got to catch up with others. Highlights included seeing Jack and Janeen, catching up with Cindy after way too many years, good times at the local coffee shop, long talks in the bar, and late night silliness in the hotel room with Sean, Rob, Mitch and Deb. It was nice to get the MacNamara Award trophy, which was nowhere near as ugly as I’d feared, but nicer to think that more than one convention had thought of asking to invite me to be a guest. I was very flattered.

In terms of doing things, I got far too little done. I did get a new project in train, take steps on a long-stalled one, and did very little reading, which is a real problem. Over the next one hundred days I’ve got to read a lot, finishing and delivering both The Starry Rift and Eidolon. Some stories are still trickling in for both, and promising steps are being made. If I can get the time, I’ll get into editing stories for Starry Rift this weekend, and start really building the submission ms. I’ve also got to get contracts out. Same for Eidolon, though there’s more time for that. I’ve also got to get head’s down on the year’s bests. They’re not due till mid-November or so, but it’s not much extra time. Oh, and I’ve got to finalise plans for the US trip. Busy, busy. I hate to say this, but I think I’m going to have to set schedules and deadlines. Read so many stories per day, etc etc. sigh.

Still, there are a lot of things I’m looking forward to in the near future. Hopefully we’re off to dinner next week with Theresa, Rob, Toula, Stef and Janet, which should be great. Then there’s my sister’s birthday, Marianne’s birthday, Rob’s wedding, and Sophie’s 4th birthday. And after that World Fantasy, which should be a hoot. I can’t wait to get to Oakland and spend a quiet couple days with Charles. I know I’ll see Karen, and possibly Bob, but mostly I’ll just goof off with Charles, drink scotch, stay up late, and sleep in the next day. The Con should be way cool too, bunking with Garth and seeing everyone. Can’t wait. Things are busy, a little stressful, but not bad at all.

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