My earlier post on projects caused a little confusion, so I thought I’d try to clarify the situation. Apart from my ongoing work for Locus and reading for various year’s bests, my two biggest projects at the moment are Eidolon and The Starry Rift. Eidolon is due to be published in November, and The Starry Rift late next year, but both need to be completed and delivered to their respective publishers in early September. At the moment, I’m still receiving submissions and reading for both books, though only in a limited way.

For The Starry Rift, I’m waiting on three or four final submissions (from K, N, J, and G) and I’m done. Any remaining acceptances, and all of the story contracts, will go out for The Starry Rift shortly, and I have a rough working ms. on my desk at home. It’s not the final ms. of course, but it’s helping me with initial editing and story sequencing. I want to thank everyone working on the project for their extraordinary patience with me on this. This is the first original anthology I’ve done, and the first work on original fiction since I left Eidolon, and I’ve been striving to get it just right, reading and re-reading, and looking for balance etc. It’s made me slower than I’d like to be, but I think the final book will be better for it.

Eidolon is lagging behind a little, but when Jeremy gets back from Melbourne we should knock that on the head. It should be fairly straightforward. If, though, for some reason Eidolon should fall in a heap (and it won’t), we’ll probably reschedule it. Early days, though, to be considering that. Apologies to everyone waiting for us to get our administration in order and get responses out. It’s taken longer than we expected to read stories and so on, and to get the wrinkles of working together ironed out again.

Hope that clarifies any questions. If not, drop me an email and I’ll do what I can to clarify things.

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