I don’t know when this book will be in galley, or otherwise available, but it’s one of the books I’m most looking forward to in the next four or five months. I love big retrospectives like this one because they give you a weird kind of permission to go back and read old stuff, to revisit stuff you once loved and haven’t had a chance to read for 20 years. And, if Phases of the Moon: Stories from Six Decades is anything to go by, it should be a doozy.

And speaking of that book, I just looked at the SubPress site and they list it as out of print! How can it be out of print already! I’m thrilled for them that the book did well, but I’m really hoping someone will reprint it soon. It’s the kind of book that, it seems to me, should always be in print.

One other thought: someone asked me what impact doing all of the anthologies and such I’m working on these days has had. Oddly, it means I read less. I used to focus on reading novels a lot, and feel guilty about not reading enough short fiction. I know read a lot of short fiction and feel guilty about not reading enough novels. I desperately want to, and to get reviewing again. I’m dropping off publisher’s lists for books (which is understandable), and I’m eager to stop that happening. The only way to do that, reasonably, is to write reviews. With that in mind, I’m going to finish up a little editing for what Tim calls a certain magazine tonight, try to read some more Eidolon stuff in the next day or two, get a proposal out, and then maybe on the weekend do some reading for review. I’ve got a book or two that have dropped between the cracks that could get covered, and some neat ones sitting there.

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