Hugo thoughts

What an interesting bunch of results. I was delighted to see that Kelly had won for one of my very favorite stories, that Ellen had won for the wonderful job she does at SciFiction, that Charlie got a gong for a story that is a lot of fun, and to see Farah and Elizabeth also picked up well deserved awards. Looking over the various details, I was interested to see that Terry Pratchett declined nomination for Going Postal. I have no idea why, and I have no intention of criticising his decision. The only comment I’d make is that I think he deserves to win the field’s major awards, and am disappointed that voters didn’t have the chance to recognise his achievement with the Hugo. Perhaps a World Fantasy for lifetime achievement would be worth considering at some point.

Although I am amongst the most partisan of Locus‘s supporters, and think that Mark Kelly does a fantastic job with Locus: Online, I can’t help but applaud the Best Website win for SciFiction. It’s an extraordinary achievement, and deserves its award.

One thing I do note with interest, though. A motion has just passed to split the Best Editor Hugo in two, effectively splitting it into an award for short fiction editing and novel editing. That award, if I recall, replaced an earlier “Best Magazine” category. Reading the wording of the Best Website win, it’s presented to SciFiction, Edited by Ellen Datlow. Craig Engler, general manager. SciFiction is a science fiction magazine. Is this effectively a third editor Hugo? Do we need three? Is there, perhaps, a better formulation for these awards? Hmm. BTW, Cheryl is breaking all of this down too.

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