is this america?

Hmm. Charlie is heading off to Austin for Armadillocon which, no doubt, will be a terrific event. Posting about it, he addresses his concerns about visiting the USofA at all. What an intimidating place it has become to visit, or travel through, and how threatening it’s legal environment now seems to foreign travelers.

This is something I’ve been feeling for some time now. I’m guessing since 2003 I’ve felt the US is a more threatening destination, somewhere to feel mildly anxious about visiting. I’ve been going there to attend conventions and to see Charles and the gang in Oakland, and I have family by marriage that I need to see in New York, so I want to go. Can I see a time when, possibly, I’ll refuse to travel there? Yes. Can I see a time when I’ll choose to only attend non-US World Conventions and World Fantasy Conventions? Yes. And it makes me profoundly sad. I’ve spent more than two years traveling in, visiting, living in or whatever the US. I want to go there, but I want to feel safe and to keep my family safe far more.

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