there are a lot of things i like about blogs, and some things i don’t. one thing i really like is that if you read a number of writers’ blogs you begin to get a feeling that there is this constant background hum of creativity happening. neil is writing a short story in brown ink, poppy is almost at the end of a novel, justine and scott are getting ready to head off to mexico to do some writing (how hemingway!), and jeff just posted a short story to his blog. and there’s more. books are being published, stories created. it’s swell.

oh, yeah. still completely in love with the ipod. managed to get 5320 songs onto it in just over a week. it’s half full, so i’m going to slow down a little. must say, though, this is my first apple product and, while i love ipod, the apple software is just appalling. how do those guys make money writing cr*p like that? sheesh.

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