Peter S. Beagle – Definitive Set

I almost missed this, but… You might have noticed that the folk over at Conlan Press recently produced a limited edition of his new ‘Last Unicorn’ novella “Two Hearts”. Well, it seems that it is only the begining of their publishing work with Beagle. Over at their website, Conlan announce:

When we first started talking to Peter about producing books and audiobooks of his work, he came clean and shared a long-held secret fantasy. “I’ve always wanted,” he said, “to be a boxed set. To have all my different titles available in one unified edition.” To that end Conlan Press is launching a program that will eventually release all of Peter’s books exactly as he has dreamed. Each Definitive Edition volume will be in a carefully-designed, set-matched archival binding, and will be fully illustrated by Peter’s choice of artist. The Definitive Edition series will begin with Peter’s new novel, Summerlong. Other books in the run will be released as they are completed.

Sounds cool to me. The books, mostly, are set to appear between now and mid next year. If you love Beagle’s work, as I do, it’s worth checking out.

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