I am a very fickle reader. It’s rare book that, if I’m not in the mood, can pull me along regardless. For some reason, right now I feel a need to read something with starships in it. I do not have anything with starships in it on the ‘to read’ shelf. I’m hoping to see Al Reynolds Pushing Ice pretty soon, which should hit the spot. In the meantime, I’m reading Gwyneth Jones’ Band of Gypsys and not really doing it justice. Similarly, I just dipped into Hal Duncan’s Vellum. Tried the first forty or so pages, and it seems cool. But, there’s something about the structure, will all of these italicised section headings, that is really putting me off. I think when I hit it in the right mood I’ll love it, but right now…I know to wait. So, I’m guessing it’s either Jeff’s The Cosmology of the Wider World, or short fiction tonight. Hmmm.

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