So, I’m innocently browing the web this morning, and come across an article about Amazon’s Shorts program (neatly avoiding the article about whethere Christopher Paolini has jumped the shark already). The article doesn’t say much that is interesting, except for providing a list of all of the writers involved in the program, until Big Fish author Daniel Wallace is quoted as saying:

Publishers have always had a hard time selling and marketing the single, short-form work—the novella, for instance, or the novelette, or its even more diminutive cousin, the ‘novelini’—and these days it’s even harder,” says Wallace.

Say what tha?!? Novelini? What the heck is a novelini? Apparently some guy, Adam Engel, has decided to create 20-page novels and call ’em ‘novelini’. I love it. It sounds like a cool new marketing term for ‘short story’, and I hereby dub it so. Now, all I’ve got to do is tell Jeremy that I want to subtitle the new Eidolon anthology – which is nearly finished (yay!!) – a delectation of novelini.

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