I hate book descriptions. They either tell you too much about the book, or they talk about some other book altogether. Over at the Penguin Australia website there is a description of Justine’s Magic or Madness. It uses some salesfolk talk like ‘thrilling’ and such, and I guess it sort of describes the plot, but it doesn’t really convey how good the book is. I’m just barely smart enough, having written what I just have, to not try to describe it, but suffice to say that it’s really cool, and a lot of fun. Now, allowing that it’s Justine’s first novel, and it’s only published today, most readers in Australia won’t know her name (Larbalestier, Justine), but if you love good YA fiction you should give it a go. Head off to the local Dymocks or A&Rs and remember: is Jazza, is good.

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