woke this morning, for the second morning running, with a terrible head-ache. pfeh. australia lost the cricket. i don’t mind – england played well – but i’d feel better if australia weren’t making so many dumb mistakes. i hate it when australia loses, but it’s sort of ok if you go down playing well. that’s what competition is about. when you contribute to your own defeat, well, pfeh. anyway, i promised over at justine’s blog that i’d not make anymore eeyore comments about the cricket, so i’ll try.

there’s talk all over the place about australian sf, small press publishing and so on. it’s the annual self-examination, which is cool. i contributed some comments over at deb’s blog, but find myself writing and dumping responses for shane, ben and others. their observations are cool, i just feel like i’ve danced this dance before, so i think i’ll sit out the rest of this round with the observation that a) it takes time, b) excellence is the key, and c) fandom is wonderful, but it’s not the solution.

what else? beginning to brace myself for the coming weeks. father’s day coming up, then m’s birthday (which should be swell), robin & toula’s wedding, sophie’s birthday (yay!), and then off to the states. somewhere in there i need to finish up a lot of reading and a book. fifty four days till i get on plane. i am so going to sleep in oakland.

i did read some cool stories on the weekend. i’ve got a post half-written on tim’s collaborations from realms of fantasy and polyphony 5, and read terrific stories by chriz barzak and liz williams. also had the weird situation of talking to someone who has read a story for a project i’m doing that i haven’t seen yet. soon.

sunday was interesting. jess (aged 5) went dress shopping with her nan, so marianne and i took sophie out for the afternoon. went to a favorite dim sum place which sophie really liked, then tai chi in king’s park, before heading into the city for shopping. picked up cd’s by ry cooder and the magic numbers, both safely ripped and on the ipod now. tired, though.

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