Tuesday reading club

I love Tuesdays. I work from home. The house is freshly cleaned from the day before, and the family all off, happily busy. I get peace, quiet. and time. And a lot to do. Today was a day of reading, drafting contracts, passionate meetings (Jeremy & Shaun came to visit), and is only now finally drawing to a close. Eidolon (sorry, Eidolon I) is pretty much headed off to bed. Details of contents are just about final, cover discussed and out of my hands and so on. All that remains, for me, is story notes and copyediting. We touched on Eidolon II, which may well happen and will likely have a longer submission period and longer reading period. If it goes ahead, I’d imagine stories would be wanted in May/June (hint, hint) for a November publication. Next, the YA book. Contracts for stories head out on Thursday (after a final proofing to ensure no egregious errors), and then time to build the ms. At the same time, a hill of stories beckons. Bed first, though. See you all in the morning.

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