Reality denies the morality of glibness. Turned on the ipod this morning, and put it on shuffle. As I opened the Times-Picayune news page to see if there was any relief to the unremitting news about New Orleans, it began to play the Eels track ‘Hey Man, Now We’re Really Living”. I had to turn it off. Thousands may be dead, says one headline. Looting on Tchoupitoulas Avenue says another. So, I turn off the music, cast my mind back to hot, clear sunny days in 1993 sitting at the Cafe du Monde, sipping cafe au laite, and try to see how things can get better. Donate if you can. Do anything. And believe. Things are bad, and they will get worse it seems, but this is the Big Easy. It’s one of those strange, magical places in the world, and things will get better.

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