John Klima, illustrious editor/publisher of the estimable ‘zine Electric Velocipede, has done something that any ‘zine editor would love to do: he’s sold out of copies of his latest issue. This is a good thing. A better thing is that, faced with this, Klima has decided to put all of Issue 9 online so that folks can taste the handcrafted goodness that goes into each and every issue of EV. My strong recommendation is to get yourself over there, check it out, and then subscribe.


There are a million good reasons not to post about what has happened, is happening, and is yet to happen to the City of New Orleans. I’m not from around there, it’s easy to pontificate, and how dare any of us do so from abroad. So, not that. Just two things. One, I think that there is a generation of people who thought that their times were to be defined by what happened in New York on September 11 who are about to find out, or already realise, that their times are actually going to be defined by this. It’s impossible to believe that the ramifications of this even won’t change everything. Two, I’d point you to John Scalzi’s post on ‘being poor‘ – it explains itself.

iPod queries #1

I love my iPod, even though I am convinced Apple’s software is rubbish. That cavil aside, I am trying to see if the iPod can do one simple thing. I have two or more copies of some songs on the iPod. I have them because the same track belongs to more than one album. For example, ‘Born to Run’ by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band rightly belongs on Born to Run and The Essential Bruce Springsteen. I also have live versions on Live in New York City and Live 75/85. I want to keep the two live versions of the song because they’re quite different, but I only need one copy of the studio version. I could simply delete one copy of the song, but that would mean every time I played either of the studio sets one of them would skip that song. Not acceptable.

What I need is something that doesn’t simply delete duplicate songs. What I need is something that redirects a reference to a song to a single copy of that song at my direction. I want it to search the iPod and tell me that four copies of ‘Born to Run’ exist, and then offer me the choice of merging or not merging those tracks. With the copies to be merged, I want to be able to choose which version to retain. It seems like a good thing and a sensible thing. Does anyone know if it can be done?

Oh, and if that’s too tough, anyone on how to shuffle a play list on the iPod, or even delete a track while on the go?