I was down at the post office on Monday, mailing contracts out and such, and was pleased to see the latest issue of British SF magazine Interzone show up. As regular readers know, IZ was taken over by Andy Cox’s Third Alternative a while back, and he and his editorial crew have been steadily rebuilding the old campaigner, turning it into a slicker, more modern beast.

The latest issue, number 200, is easily their best looking yet. The cover is striking, and the color interior art is good. I’ll probably always feel the interiors are a trifle overdesigned, and I don’t like reading fiction on glossy paper, but those are personal quibbles. Basically, it’s just about the only SF magazine that looks like it was designed in the 21st century, and that’s got to be a good thing.

And the fiction? I haven’t had a chance to read any of the fiction in this issue yet, but I’ve noticed that Cox & co are definitely finding their feet this year, and have featured some good stuff. I was particularly impressed with Paul Di Filippo’s “The Emperor of Gondwanaland” from the Jan/Feb issue, and Jason Stoddard’s ‘Mars’ stories have been getting good write-ups. Is it worth subscribing too? I’d say so. Better go do it now, because according to their site, they’re actually selling out of issues!

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