Ashes to ashes, there’s always next time…

I’ve not posted here about the Ashes yet. The only reasonable thing to do is congratulate England. While we played nowhere near our best, they played way past what we expected theirs to be. They were the better side on the ground, for more days of more matches, and deserved the win. This time. There’s always next time. Come Christmas 2006, Vaughan & co will make the journey down to the hard, bouncy wickets Down Under and we’ll get to have a turn and taking back the urn*. Honestly, not that much of the Test cricket scheduled anywhere in the world seems to hold much interest, when compared to the thought of another Ashes series. Makes you wonder if the ICC’s ten year plan approach is really the best for the game. A return bout would surely be a sellout, if it happened soon-ish.

And on that, it will be June 2009, four years away, before Australia tours England again. I suggest, humbly, that a campaign be started to persuade Shane Warne that losing is not the way to bow out of the game. Stay on for the return tour, play the old enemy at home one more time, and then retire at 40, as a winner (with a thousand test wickets). It’s physically possible. He could do it.

* On the urn, they need a bigger, more macho trophy. Vaughan just looked silly holding it up after they’d won.

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