A McDonald note

Since this blog tends to circle around these things, an observation. Ian McDonald has never really received the recognition he deserves in the United States. While his early work appeared there with some regularity, his later books were often not picked up by US publishers, and he often isn’t mentioned when the field’s best short story writers are listed.

And yet, based on the stories I’ve read over the past six months (powerful pieces like “The Little Goddess” from Asimov’s, “Written in the Stars” from Constellations, and a yet-to-be-published piece I’ve seen) he easily sits in the top five or six short story writers working in the genre today. If you love science fiction and you love short stories, you need to be reading him. If I recall correctly, PS Publishing will be doing a McDonald collection, which should be wonderful. Hopefully there’ ll be an American collection sometime too.

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