There have been a number of surprising revelations that have accompanied the move to iPod over the past month. Possibly the strangest thing, though, is that I’ve discovered that I may have a headphone fetish.

Last year, through the good auspices of Kirsten at Locus, I bought a pair of Sennheiser’s PXC-250 noise reduction headphones. I love them when I’m travelling. They’re light, comfortable, have great sound quality, and are very good at reducing background noise. I also have a pair of Grado SR-80 headphones, which I use for home listening, and which are simply fantastic. Best quality headphones I’ve ever owned.

Now, when I bought the iPod they came with a particularly crappy pair of earbuds. I don’t like earbuds. They are uncomfortable, invasive, and I’m pretty sure they kill your hearing. That said, they are convenient. Of late, I’ve found myself using the Sennheisers in the office, but switching to earbuds when going downstairs or outside. largely because the Sennheisers come with a battery pack that makes them just that little bit unwieldy.

Over the past week or so I’ve begun to think about upgrading. First, at home, I’d love to move to Grado’s SR125‘s, which look fantastic, and I’ve had recommended to me. They are $Us150.00, though.

I’m also sorely tempted by Etymotic Research’s ER-6i Isolator earbud headphones, which cost about the same as the Grado’s, and which I don’t really need. I’m not moving away from the Sennheiser’s at all. I love ’em, but it would be nice to have these too.