On Carroll…

There was a time when I would have told you that I loved pretty much everything that Jonathan Carroll had written. Way back in the day, when the world was young, he produced a remarkable body of work, including novels like The Land of Laughs, Sleeping in Flame, Bones of the Moon, and A Child Across the Sky, all of which I think remarkable, and recommend unhesitatingly.

I have, in all frankness, been a little less seduced by the handful of novels he’s published in the last four or five years, including those featuring Vincent Ettrich. Still, I note that a new one, Glass Soup, is due shortly, and a website is up. Even when imperfect, Carroll’s novels are always worth checking out.

Perhaps more to my taste, I also note that Carroll has published his story “Home on the Rain“, from Conjunctions, on his website. I may be alone, but I liked it a lot.


I’ve been meaning to post something about anthologies, but every time I try to something else comes along. In this case the distraction is the welcome news that Night Shade Books will be publishing Tim Pratt’s second short story collection, Hart & Boot and Other Stories. This is very cool news. I think 2005 has been a remarkable year for short story collections, but with next year promising new collections from Tim, Theodora Goss, Jeffrey Ford, M. Rickert, Bruce Sterling, and Paul Di Filippo amongst others, it could be just as good. Why is it, when faced with evidence like this, that people still question whether or not these are good times for the short story?