A quick update…

As sometimes happens, the week here in Oakland is flying past in a blur. I spent some time last ThuFrsday catching up with Kirsten, Liza, Karlyn, Carolyn and Amelia, overcoming jetlag and just pottering around the place. I even ‘helped’ get CHARLES to his gym appointment, and then drove over to Piedmont for a quick look. I hope to get back today or tomorrow, but who knows. That evening CHARLES and I had a fine dinner at an old favorite restaurant, Le Cheval. They do a marvelous green lip mussel dish, and the best spicy orange beef.

Friday I had an appointment with Karen. I grabbed breakfast, did a little preparation, and then we headed off to a lovely little place on San Pablo. We caught up, did some year’s best planning, and I got to show her pictures of the kids. CHARLES and I then drove over to San Francisco. While the purpose of our visit was a spirited performance of Irving Berlin’s Miss Liberty by the 42nd St Moon theatre group, we also had dinner at an odd place called Frisson. CHARLES had made the booking, but had never been inside. When, on a cold, rainy evening we were greeted by a tall, willowy blonde woman wearing nothing but a cap, a bolero jacket, a microkini and some fishnets, we knew we weren’t in Kansas any more. It’s the only time I’ve not heard CHARLES complain about mediocre food :). The performance was a fine one, though I found it lagged a little at the beginning.

Saturday we’d planned a party. Most of the day was spent in planning, before first Kirsten and Aaron and Teddy, and then Bob, Karen, Lisa, Mark and Marina, Liza, and Jeremy all showed up. A very pleasant time was had, before Jeremy and I headed off for a late pizza dinner, where we spoke of publishing, his company Night Shade, and much else. All in all, a fine day.

Sunday CHARLES and I had planned a lazy day shopping. After some party clean-up, we headed into Berkeley on an unsuccessful search for a tie-dyed dress for Sophie. None were to be found, but we did get a nice shirt and tank top, so it wasn’t a complete loss. After that, we headed to Concord and Tony Roma’s for lunch, and the Tower for cd shopping. We got back late afternoon, and then I headed to Kirsten and Aaron’s for a lovely dinner and a pleasant and relaxed evening catching up.

So far the time in Oakland has been really enjoyable. I still hope for a quiet coffee in Piedmont, a quick visit to my bank in Montclair, and maybe a chance to get some headphones in Berkeley, but who knows. Today and tomorrow will be spent getting ready for the trip to Madison on Wednesday. World Fantasy beckons….

PS: At Charles’s request, he now appears in this blog under the pnome de plume of CHARLES. I know, don’t ask :)

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