Catching up…

So, I didn’t blog about World Fantasy in Madison, where the International Society of the Little Pink Drink was convened, with at least one member in absentia. We’ll reconvene in Brisbane at Easter, hopefully with all members present. In the meantime, it occurs to me that there are some of you out there celebrating (hi USAians), some of you I owe manuscripts / proposals / emails / gifts / phone calls / other good stuff. I’m doing what I can, and you will get it soon. In the meantime, I’ve completed my share of the work on Fantasy: Best of 2005 and Science Fiction: Best of 2005. If all goes as it has in previous years, I’ll see nothing more till January, when copies will start to appear. This is the final year I’ll be co-editing those books with Karen Haber. It’s been fun, and I’ll miss sharing opinions with her. I also signed and returned the contracts for Best Short Novels: 2006, the third year’s best novellas book. I was interested (I think that’s the polite word) to see that the ms. is due on 15 February, so I guess you can all imagine one of the main things I’ll be doing in the best six or eight weeks.

I’m also a little taken aback to see if we’ve started the runup to the festive season already. Parties and ‘graduations’ at the girls’ schools, Christmas parties and such. I think it should be calmer this year (fingers crossed), and I’m determined to relax. It should be fun.

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