Book ideas for the holidays

Lists, lists, lists. This time of the year drives me to lists and listing. Herewith, some gift ideas, small press books you can love and give those that you love.

In the US: go buy Magic for Beginners and give it to someone you know who doesn’t have enough magic in their lives but who, you’ve always thought, might secretly love to know what contingency plans you need, should zombies knock on the door. Add chocolate.

In the UK: go buy 20th Century Ghosts and give it to someone who likes to stay in on cold, wintry nights, staying up late reading tales that move and horrify. Add single malt scotch.

In Australia: it’s summer. You’re not reading, you’re off watching the cricket or going to the beach. Reading is for winter. But, if you must, then it’s the earthy, sometimes bittersweet A Tour Guide in Utopia. It may not be in a shop near you, but you can probably get it here. Add a good cabernet.

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