I don’t work freelance, really. I have a day job that keeps me busy eight hours a day (from 7am to 3pm), and more if I can do it. I then have a regular/irregular job that keeps me busy another eight hours or so per week. The work from it flows consistently, and on a schedule, so it to is predictable. And then there’s the freelance-ish stuff, where it all happens on a schedule that is pretty much entirely up to me. This is the schedule that ensure the clerical stuff associated with working on books is done, that sets out reading time, that covers planning and developing new projects, and so on and so forth.

As sometimes happens, it’s in this area that I’ve fallen into a terrible muddle. There’s lots to do, but it pops up all over the place, like some kind of weed. There’s nothing consistently sitting there as THE thing to do, so I become indecisive. Even though I should be reading up a storm (somehow, given the holiday season, though I don’t know when), I find myself indecisively and desultorily drifting from one thing to read to another. The real effect of this is that I end up feeling disinterested in reading anything, I get nothing done, AND I feel stressed about it. Heh.

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