Eidolon and Leviathan

Back in April Jeremy G Byrne and I announced that we would be editing a new anthology, Eidolon. It would be, we hoped, the first in an annual series of science fiction & fantasy anthologies continuing the tradition of Eidolon magazine, and would be published to co-incide with the 2005 World Fantasy Convention in Madison, Wisconsin.

As history has shown, though, while we received a wonderful batch of submissions from around the world, and assembled a fantastic table of contents, production eventually delayed the publication of the book to early 2006. However, things are now gearing up, and it looks like the book should be out shortly.

As part of the advance publicity for Eidolon I, we have decided to publish one of the stories on Eidolon: SF Online. The story, Simon Brown’s “Leviathan” is one of my favorite stories of the year, and I think is one of his best yet. Be sure to check it out.

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