And second thoughts…

The subject of gifts is always a difficult one, when it comes to me and my family. Things often don’t go that well, and they’re sure I’m difficult to buy for. There’s no point in arguing this, as sometimes it’s true. Still, given the time of year, I thought I’d mention a few things on my mind, giftwise:

  1. Back in May I suggested that The Complete Calvin & Hobbes would be a great Christmas present. I had a change of heart in November, but on reflection I think I was right. It looks very cool, if a bit of a Rolls Royce gift.
  2. I also doubt that anyone would be lucky enough to get something like Grado’s SR-125 headphones. Way too expensive, but…
  3. I note that, at least in the UK, Tom Kidd’s Kiddography is out. I’ve always liked his books, and it looks like this should be very special.
  4. I think I’d like to have the full first season of the new Dr Who on DVD – I certainly enjoyed watching it the first time.
  5. There’s always music, like Richard Hawley’s Coles Corner, the Willard Grant Conspiracy’s There But for The Grace of God, Thelonious Monk Quartet & John Coltrane’s At Carnegie Hall or even a JB HiFi gift voucher.
  6. The folk at Lagavulin (16 year old) and Strathisla make a fine product.
  7. Even something like this might make for an interesting experiment.

There is, at the end of it all, always something.

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