Catching up…

I spend most of the year reading short fiction. I enjoy it. This wasn’t always the case. Probably four years ago I was reading selected collections, the main year’s bests, the occasional issue of a magazine, and a lot of novels. These days I read all the magazines, the online sites, print anthologies and collections, and every other ‘published’ story I can get my hands on. The thing that has suffered the most, in this otherwise enjoyable exchange, is time spent reading novels. Where I once read over a 100 novels each year, I’m probably reading closer to 50 these days. There’s not a lot I can do about that, but as we move towards finalising the annual Locus recommended reading list, I’m reading a last few 2005 novels before doing my write up.

So far the book that’s impressed me most is Paul Park’s A Princess of Roumania. I’m halfway through it, and think it’s terrific so far. Makes me very happy that a galley of The Tourmaline happened to show up here the week before Christmas. I need to read some novellas shortly, but I think I can sneek the second Park book in. I should add that nothing Park had written before had really prepared me for Princess. I’ll post more when I’m done, but it looks like it’s going to be very special.

Speaking of recommended reading, CHARLES would normally be traveling to Perth about now, so we could spend some time down at the beach finishing up the list. I’m really sad he won’t be making it this year. Not only am I a lot less involved with the list, but I won’t see him, which I really enjoy. And, even though we’ll both be in Brisbane and Los Angeles this year, they’re both work events, so I won’t see that much of him. sigh.

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