Herewith, one of those meme things…

Four jobs you’ve had in your life:
1. Apprentice chef
2. Assistant car mechanic
3. Policy & research officer (It’s a government job. No-one knows what it means)
4. Web designer

Four movies you could watch over and over (Interestingly, this has nothing to do with quality. It’s another kind of thing. There are crap movies you can love, and crap movies that are infintely rewatchable):
1. When Harry Met Sally
2. My Neighbour Totoro
3. Uncle Buck
4. Raiders of the Lost Ark

Four places you’ve lived (I’ll be 42 on Monday. I’ve lived a few places):
1. Old Manse Road, Belfast, Northern Ireland
2. Parkerville, Western Australia
3. Second Avenue, Mt Lawley, Western Australia
4. Yosemite Avenue, Oakland, California

Four TV shows you love to watch (I copied this from Margo, but she was right – love to watch? TV shows? Love? ):
1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
2. Spicks and Specks
3. Yes Minister
4. something else?

Four places you’ve been on holiday:
1. San Francisco
2. New York
3. London
4. Paris

Four websites you visit daily:

Four of your favorite foods:
1. My mother’s trifle
2. Apple crumble
3. Steak
4. Sushi

Four places you’d rather be:
1. Margaret River
2. Tasmania
3. New Zealand
4. California

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