A worthwhile cause

I’ve just received the following from Robert N. Stephenson of Altair Books. It definitely looks like a worthwhile cause, and one deserving of our support.

A fund to raise money to publish Kurt Von Trojan’s last book
Long-time supporter and writer/author in the speculative field in Australia, Kurt von Trojan, has been struck down with kidney and bone cancer. The long-term prognosis is that he has only a few short months to live…

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Clarke Award nominees

Via Charlie Stross, the shortlist for the Arthur C. Clarke Award has been announced, and it’s another kick-ass list:

  • Kazuo Ishiguro – Never Let Me Go
  • Ken MacLeod – Learning the World
  • Alastair Reynolds – Pushing Ice
  • Geoff Ryman – Air
  • Charles Stross – Accelerando
  • Liz Williams – Banner of Souls

I can’t pick a winner from the bunch, but there are some mighty fine books there, and I look forward to Adam Roberts annual overview when it comes out.

The Crazy Life

Well, today was one of those days. Dogged by a headache and other ailments, I also lacked somewhat in the sleep department, having been kept up half the night by kids. Still, we staggered on, got the kids out, and off to a place called Fun Station. They had a great time, we survived, and I think I read half a page of Charles Stross’s The Jennifer Morgue. Still, got through a couple episodes of Firefly, and will get back to the novel now. Having pretty much agreed with John Clute’s SciFi.com review of Tim Lebbon’s Dusk (I mean to post so much more about this), I think I’m abandoning it. Not its fault, but I’m not grabbed. Maybe later.  I’ve also finalised permissions and got contracts out for five of the nine novellas that’ll be in Best Short Novels: 2006.  My special thanks to all of the authors involved (you know who you are), and to Pete and Nick (for going beyond the call).