Can I just say one thing? I’m going to preface it by saying that I like creative people. Some of my best friends in the whole world are artists and writers and such. They’re good, cool, fun people. There should be more of them. What sh*ts me, though, is the twee creative person who wants everyone to be creative, and really only values you as a ‘real’ person if you’re an artist of some sort; the person who thinks you’re only whole and complete if you’re writing or drawing or painting. One of my friends actually referred to what I do as secondary creativity, or creativity gone astray. What I do every day was somehow less worthwhile, less valuable to the world than sitting in a room by myself producing my own ‘art’. Can you spell f*ck off, girls and boys? The only true art you have is your life and how you live it. So here’s a New Year’s wish. In 2006, may you spend time with the ones you love and do something that fulfills you. This has been a venting by the management of Coode Street.

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