I’ve been meaning to replace the photo at the top right of the blog for a while. It was originally taken by Beth Gwinn in Oakland back in 2002. It doesn’t really reflect how I look now, which is older, greyer, larger, and less likely to wear contact lenses all the time.

With that in mind, I’ve borrowed the photo here from Ellen Datlow’s flickr journal. She took it at Madison back in November so (sadly) it pretty accurately reflects what I look like.

As I rebuild the blog over the next few weeks I’ll be replacing the old photo with a new one and making other changes.

What else? I’ll be 42 tomorrow, and yet somehow I don’t feel like the answer to life, the universe and everything. Still, it should be ok. One question I’ve been meaning to put to all of you Coode Streeters out there is this: in April I’m traveling to Brisbane for Conjure where I will be a guest of honor. I’ll be doing at least four panels, and some other stuff. My question is, is there anything you’d like to hear me talk about it? I actually think I might dive back into the Australian SF question, but I’d like to do something more interesting than the ‘year in review’ panel, which always seems dull to me.

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