I have to remember not to judge a year by the way you feel on the last few days before New Year. It feels like a long, tiring year that left me wrung out, and kinda depressed. Certainly, career-wise, the last three months have been a bust. Still, these things were good in 2005:

  • No-one I know closely had any major personal tragedies. Standard sized disasters and other problems, yes. But no-one’s dead, and no-one’s more seriously ill or injured than they were at the beginning of the year. This is a happy change from previous years.
  • Robin and Toula got married. This is a very good thing. Robin is one of my oldest and dearest friends, and Toula is great.
  • I had three new books published during the year, finished two more, sold a couple, and am well progressed on a couple more.
  • I had dozens of Saturday mornings, Sunday afternoons, and occasional moments when domesticity and family life was golden, and my three girls were the best people to be with in the world.
  • I went to Sydney, Oakland and Madison in October/November and saw Terry, CHARLES, Liza, Amelia, Kirsten, AAron, Teddy, Karlyn, Tim, Carolyn, Gary, Garth, Justin, Sharyn, and lots and lots of other people.

There are other things, but that’s enough to be getting on with. I don’t know that I’ll bother with NYresolutions, which tend not to work, but I’ve got some stuff to work out. I need to re-think my work approach (which has hit a dry spot), work out how to enjoy what I’m doing more, and so on. I even think I might re-title and rejuvenate this blog a bit. It’s been some years since I lived at Coode Street, so it seems a bit silly to keep the name.

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