Ticonderoga, Troy and on…

I know I mentioned this earlier, but Russell Farr’s ticonderoga publications is ramping up its publishing programme after a lengthy hiatus. Back in the mid-90s Russell published some fine books by Sean Williams, Simon Brown, Stephen Dedman, Steven Utley and others, but ceased publication following the 1999 WorldCon in Melbourne.

Just over the past couple months, Russell has announced plans to publish two anthologies, The Worker’s Paradise and Fantastic Wonder Stories, and a short story collection. The collection, Simon Brown’s Troy, is one of the projects that somehow got lost towards the ends of the ’90s. Several publishers, including ticonderoga, discussed publishing the book*, but it never happened. Now, happily, Russell has announced that it will come out in April (I assume to be launched at Conjure).

Troy will collect twelve stories, several original to the collection, all of which retell stories from the Iliad. I read a number of the stories when they were first publised, and have long thought they were amongst Simon’s best work. Given that he’s improved as a writer since then, I’m particularly looking forward to the new stories in the book. It’s a book to keep your eye out for, come April. And, hopefully, Russell will offer up some pre-order information soon so you can get your names down for a copy.

* This post has been amended to correct an error. Three different small presses discussed publishing Troy, but only one made a commitment to do so. Ticonderoga was not that press.

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