36th Annual Locus Awards Ballot

The ballot and survey for the 36th Annual Locus Awards is now online. It covers works that first appeared in 2005. You can vote for up to five works in any category, and are not restricted to works contained in the drop-down lists on the ballot (which correspond to the Recommended Reading List). For what it’s worth, I think voting really is worth your time. When CHARLES first set up the awards, his intention was to positively affect the Hugo awards. After 36 years, the Locus Award has become an important award in its own right.

The first book of 2006…

Well, this is definitely weird. I have just confirmed news that I received yesterday. I’ve just had my first book of 2006 published – I just didn’t know it. The anthology Best Short Novels: 2004, which was published by Andy and the gang at the SFBC, has just been reprinted by iBooks under the title Modern Greats of Science Fiction: Nine Novellas of Distinction. I’ve not seen it, have no idea what it looks like, and need to chase up contributors’ copies and such, but I’m happy to see it get a trade release. I always hoped this series would do really well for the SFBC and then sell on to a reprint market.