The first book of 2006…

Well, this is definitely weird. I have just confirmed news that I received yesterday. I’ve just had my first book of 2006 published – I just didn’t know it. The anthology Best Short Novels: 2004, which was published by Andy and the gang at the SFBC, has just been reprinted by iBooks under the title Modern Greats of Science Fiction: Nine Novellas of Distinction. I’ve not seen it, have no idea what it looks like, and need to chase up contributors’ copies and such, but I’m happy to see it get a trade release. I always hoped this series would do really well for the SFBC and then sell on to a reprint market.

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  1. Are reprint rights controlled by your publisher on these anthologies? From this distance it just seems a little strange that you, as editor of the work, won’t be informed it was being reprinted.

  2. This was an odd one. The publisher, the SF Book Club, holds the trade rights to to the Best Short Novels anthologies. They sold the trade rights to Byron Preiss’s iBooks. For a lot of reasons, the book was delayed quite a bit, and retitled in progress several times. The company, following Byron’s tragic death last year, has been working hard to work out where it’s headed. In amongst all that, this book slipped out. I knew it might be coming, but not for sure.

  3. You think that’s bad? I just learned that ibooks finally published whatever-they’re-calling-it-this-week from your blog here, and ibooks is only a couple of blocks away from my office in NYC.

    Hm. I wonder if we managed to get them to pay the advance yet? Must check that tomorrow in the office…

  4. LOL. That’s funny. Those guys at iBooks are good people, but the business stuff is funny. It would be nice if they paid for the book , but you know how it goes. Hope we all can get some copies.

  5. I saw it at Barnes & Noble yesterday.  Curiously, as far as I could see, no mention in the book itself of the original title…

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