Best Short Novels: 2006

Best Short Novels: 2006It’s really only just beginning to wend it’s way through production, but all the signs are there that Best Short Novels: 2006 is going to be a reality before too long. My editor Andy Wheeler just emailed me the very cool looking cover for the book, which you can see here.

The contents of the book include:

  • “Human Readable”, Cory Doctorow
  • “Fishin’ With Grandma Matchie”, Steven Erikson
  • “The Gist Hunter”, Matthew Hughes
  • “Magic For Beginners”, Kelly Link
  • “The Policeman’s Daughter”, Wil McCarthy
  • “The Little Goddess”, Ian McDonald
  • “Audubon In Atlantis”, Harry Turtledove
  • “Inside Job”, Connie Willis
  • mysterious ninth story

The best way to get a copy of the book, along with the mysterious ninth story, is by joining the SF Book Club. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t hesitate to do so, if I but could.

You can see a large copy of the cover by clicking on the image on the right. You can see a copy of Les Edward’s original image by clicking here.