Baxter’s Resplendent

This September Gollancz in the UK will publish a new Stephen Baxter collection, Resplendent. The book is listed as being the final volume of Baxter’s Destiny’s Children sequence, much as the collection Phase Space was a pendant collection to the Manifold sequence. I pretty much overlooked a lot of early Baxter, and only started reading him actively once Phase Space was published. The stories in Resplendent were published between 1999 and 2006, and I’ve read most of them. I don’t know how they’ll read as book, but there are some very good SF stories here. One of the collections of the year. Be sure to check it out.

The contents of Resplendent are:

  • Cadre Siblings
  • Reality Dust
  • Silver Ghost
  • On the Orion Line
  • In the Un-Black
  • The Ghost Pit
  • The Cold Sink
  • Breeding Ground
  • The Great Game
  • The Chop Line
  • The Dreaming Mould
  • Conurbation 2473
  • All in a Blaze
  • Riding the Rock
  • Lakes of Light
  • Between Worlds
  • Mayflower II
  • Ghost Wars

Oh, and for what it’s worth, I’d love to see a ‘Best of Stephen Baxter’ collection. Given that most of his collections are in print, I doubt it could ever happen, but it’d be a good book.


Well, according to fellow members of the FictionMags mailing list, today is the 80th Anniversary of the day that Amazing Stories first went on sale. The magazine his US newsstands on 10 March 1926 and, at some level, modern science fiction began. I’m almost surprised no-one got a commemorative anthology out.