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Well, Conjure is only two weeks away and I just got what I think is my full and final schedule.  Friday looks a little crazy, but it should be okay. If you’d like to see me, this is where I’ll be. Otherwise, come up and say hi. I bite, but probably not you…

2.00pm – For Your Review: The art of reviewing speculative fiction
3.00pm – Opening Ceremony
4.00pm – What’s hot in speculative fiction?
5.00pm – Troy Book Launch
7.00pm – Cocktail party

3.00pm – The Essence of Editing
7.30pm – Ditmar Awards ceremony

9.00am  – Crumbs From the Editing Table
11.00am – Small Press Forum – The Different Types of Small Press Publishing
12noon  – Kaffee Klatch

3.00pm – Closing ceremony

4 thoughts on “Conjure schedule”

  1. Yes, there were 21 of those gems, all of which I’ve sclepped through countless moves.

    I put together my own take on ToCs for the Best of Roger Zelazny, Harlan Ellison, Gene Wolfe, and others. NOT 350 pages…more like 600-700. Sigh, indeed.

  2. I’m on that panel, too, I’ve been told, and I didn’t see your name on it at first. I told them that if you weren’t on it, it was either because you weren’t available, or that they were mad. So’s Nichols. On it, that is, not mad – though come to think of it….

    Are we to believe that the only people they could find for a panel on reviewing in Brisbane were all sandgropers?

  3. I had to ask them to put me on the panel on reviewing. I was down for a panel on whether you should join a writer’s workshop. I pointed out that I didn’t know much about such things, but that I had some experience with reviewing and so on.

  4. I am now told that you’re on it, Nichols is off it, and Russell B Farr is on it instead. Again, I ask: Are sandgropers the only reviewers they could rope in?

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