A mixed week

Well, this has been a mixed kind of week. Saw the doctor on Monday, who told me that I was way too overweight, had hypertension, and needed to do something about it fast. in response, I’ve started trying to exercise every day, and to make other changes in my lifestyle. It’s of course way too early to say that this means anything, but I’m definitely intending to make this stick and make the necessary changes.

As if recognising my awareness of having high blood pressure for the first time, life then began to present a number of circumstances that led to increased blood pressure. All was well at the day job, but one or two bumpy things happened with the non-day job work. For the most part, they’re all smoothed out and okay, but it was fun. The one thing I’ve learned, again, is always trust your instincts and always head for the higher ground. This is both smart and the right thing do to.

With all of that in mind, I also thought I’d bring you all up to date on the anthology situation. While I can’t announce anything today, things look good for the future of the year’s best SF and year’s best fantasy anthology series. I’ve reached a verbal agreement with the publishers, and, while the details are being sorted out, we’re preparing a for-real announcement to come out soon-ish. In terms of the iBooks volumes, there’s still nothing definitive to say. Obviously they won’t be coming out from iBooks, but there’s some very slight chance other options might work out. I’ll let you all know, should there be any news.