The antithesis of fun

Warning: Whining will follow. I’ve had the flu for a week now. I’ve been feeling horrible with it for probably four days. I still feel ‘orrible. This morning I downloaded my email and found all kinds of fun contractual horribleness that had to be dealt with. There are times I really just want to go away, climb under a rock and hide. Apart from feeling stressed over contracts and other business stuff, I’ve got deadlines all over the place, and I’m going to disappear over East for five days.


It’ll all be cool next week. Not because anything will change next week, except for hopefully the flu. Just, it’ll be next week. This stuff always passes. Pfeh. Hi CHARLES.

2 thoughts on “The antithesis of fun”

  1. Sympathies! This seems to be a bad year for all. Kerry and I still aren’t quite over our chest colds (and I’m fretting about my resulting lame-brainedness), and most of the Locus staff seem to be or have been sick too, along with some of their spouses: that’s the word from Carolyn and Liza, as well as Tim’s blog. Coughs and sniffles all over. Pfeh indeed.

  2. Hey Faren –

    I still have the flu, and it’s been getting worse. Temperatures, coughs, phlegm – yech. Hopefully all of yours will be gone soon. I need to get on a plane on Thursday, so I’m hoping it clears up in the next day or two.

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