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There are many reasons to join The Science Fiction Book Club, but this is one of the ones that I’m happiest to be able to report on. Last year, as readers of this blog know, Jared at Centipede Press published a handsome volume that collected the best stories by the husband and wife writer team Henry Kuttner and C. L. Moore. The book was a lovely object, but it’s only real flaw was that it’s price put it beyond the reach of many readers. While I still wouldn’t hesitate to direct the dedicated collector towards the Centipede Press edition of Two-Handed Engine: The Selected Stories of Henry Kuttner and C.L. Moore, I think it’s a wonderful thing that the SF Book Club has been able to arrange to publish its own edition of the book. It’s a massive volume, 928 pages in all, and I can’t wait to see it. You can, of course, order it from the Book Club. I know it’s unfortunate that readers outside North America can’t sign up for the Club, but if you can sign up, I think it’s worth it. I wouldn’t hesitate to do so, if I but could.

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  1. I’ve been reading these stories piecemeal from various sources before my copy arrives from SFBC. So far, 18 down, 19 to go! My favorite so far is the title story, “Two-Handed Engine.”

  2. Tom,
    I’ve managed to track down all but one of the Two-Handed Engine stories. As far as I can tell, “Reader, I Hate You!” has not been reprinted since its original publication in the May 1943 Super Science Stories. If I’d known the SFBC was going to reprint Two-Handed Engine, I would have just waited and bought the collection.
    Did anyone else see Disaster in Time, the TV movie based on “Vintage Season”? Silly stuff, but Jeff Daniels is always fun to watch.

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