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I’m in the process of resuming normal posting, but in the meantime: iTunes! What gives?!? The music store is like totally wrong. I had to give them a few million times more information than I would give to a bricks and mortar store, and that was to retrieve a (very welcome) gift voucher. Apple needs to rethink (quickly) what its doing or the only choices will end up being either to download music for free from bittorrent (at higher quality and available earlier) or buy it from the bricks and mortar guys. At the moment, I currently download freebies as previews and buy the disk if I want it (deleting the downloaded files on the way). I want to buy music. I’m happy to pay creators, middlemen and the whole crowd. Hell, I’ve been doing it since I was eight years old. Why would I stop now? But buying low quality DRMd files from a bunch of dumbass California hippies who want account information and such? Not ever again.

2 thoughts on “a brief rant…”

  1. Speaking as a professional musician, I have to say: RIGHT ON!
    Yeah. Crappy quality files, DRMed in stupid ways, real lowest common denominator stuff, masquerading as a real alternative to buying the real CDs. The thing is, you could have a really high quality system – printable PDFs of artwork, choices for higher quality compression (even lossless) and so on, but they’re really not interested. They just want to tie you into buying their stupid hardware.

    I am ideologically opposed to having iTunes on my (WinXP) computer, so I haven’t run into the issues you report above, but I must say I’m not surprised.

  2. The cool thing about buying music is the package and the hunt of finding a hinden gem at the store. Don’t fret because itunes could be changing real soon depending upon how the two lawsuits, brought against Apple, will turn out.

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