Scalzi’s Android

I haven’t read a lot of novels of late, but I did just recently finish John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War and The Ghost Brigades, both of which I enjoyed and recommend (especially if you like the new old science fiction kind of thing). I want to thank Patrick for sending me copies. I bought a copy of Old Man’s War in Brisbane, which I’ve now passed on to someone else, who I think is headed off to buy The Ghost Brigades. So works the word of mouth. I note from John’s blog that his new novel, The Android’s Dream, is wending its way towards publication. While galleys must surely be available soon, he posts the cover for the new book, which pictures an android dreaming of sheep. I don’t see any evidence of the sheep being plugged in, but is this a move away from the more overtly Heinleinesque territory of his first two novels? I’ll be curious to see.

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