The Locus Press Bests

I’ve been tardy about posting this information, but following a reminder from Jed, here are the revised tables of contents for the two anthologies that are now being published by Locus Press.

1. Two Hearts, Peter S. Beagle
2. Snowball’s Chance, Charles Stross
3. Sunbird, Neil Gaiman
4. A Knot of Toads, Jane Yolen
5. Boatman’s Holiday, Jeffrey Ford
6. The Language of Moths, Christopher Barzak
7. Anyway, M Rickert
8. The Emperor of Gondwanaland, Paul Di Filippo
9. The Pirate’s True Love, Seana Graham
10. Intelligent Design, Ellen Klages
11. Pip and the Fairies, Theodora Goss
12. Leviathan, Simon Brown
13. The Denial, Bruce Sterling
14. The Farmer’s Cat, Jeff VanderMeer
15. There’s a Hole in the City, Richard Bowes
16. Monster, Kelly Link

1. Triceratops Summer, Michael Swanwick
2. Little Faces, Vonda N. McIntyre
3. The Second Coming of Charles Darwin, James Morrow
4. Is There Life After Rehab?, Pat Cadigan
5. Understanding Space and Time, Alastair Reynolds
6. The Fulcrum, Gwyneth Jones
7. The Blemmye’s Dilemma, Bruce Sterling
8. They Will Raise You in a Box, Wil McCarthy
9. Finished, Robert Reed
10. The King of Where-I-Go, Howard Waldrop
11. The Calorie Man, Paolo Bacigalupi
12. The Fate of Mice, Susan Palwick
13. I Robot, Cory Doctorow
14. The Little Goddess, Ian McDonald

I hope to have cover and ordering information up here shortly. Many thanks to all of the contributors again for going along with this, to CHARLES for the idea and the support, and to Liza, who has worked incredibly hard on making this project a reality.

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