Day 4400

So, in May 1986 – on the 5th of May 1986 to be precise – I started what was just my second full-time job after finishing university. I’d put about six months into managing a record store, while also re-stocking shelves in a grocery store chain at night, but that came to a sudden unexpected end in late April. During my last year at university a friend had persuaded me to go along to a public service recruiting thing, and I signed up and did some kind of test (I guess, I don’t really remember). I then was called in for an interview in mid-March. I didn’t think much of it. A day or two after being layed off by the record store, I got a call from someone in the public service saying, ‘We’d like you to start Monday. You’ll be working for the Department of Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare’. Huh? Ok, I thought. It’s a three month contract. It’ll do till a real job comes along.

Twenty years later, today, I’m still waiting.

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