The Starry Rift

There is exactly one reprint in my forthcoming anthology, The Starry Rift. The first reason that there is a reprint in the book is that I was desperate to get a new story from Cory Doctorow, and he just didn’t have time to write a new one for me. The second is that it’s perfect for the book in a whole bunch of different ways.

The story, which has gone on to fame and fortune, is Anda’s Game. It is, as Cory himself describes it, “a riff on the way that property-rights are coming to games, and on the bizarre spectacle of sweat-shops in which children are paid to play the game all day in order to generate eBay-able game-wealth.” It is also a response of sorts to Orson Scott Card’s very famous “Ender’s Game”, and is a terrific story.

The story was originally published on Salon, and you can still read it there. Cory has also had it recorded by Alice Taylor of Wonderland as podcast. The story is told from the point of view of a young English girl, and Alice is perfect to read it. It is my favorite podcast ever. You can list to it here. Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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